Hawaii Online Real Estate Courses

Student Testimonials

I have highly recommended your online courses to several co- workers. One is going to take your Brokers course and one has already passed his salesman license through your services.

-- Nancie Martens, RB

Excellent - easy to use ...great audio!

-- J. Frazier

The course was great, the material presented well and in a thorough manner. I LOVED IT and felt like it was perfectly designed for someone like me that likes to self pace and study.

-- J. Friedman


-- L. Caldwell

Wow, solid content! It is so nice to take this course online. The distractions inherint in the live classes are completely eliminated, my biggest joy in taking these online.

Great course! Thank you so much!

-- B. Bowman

This is the best online course I have ever taken.

-- T. Abubo

I was very impressed by the online course. Going into it I was very apprehensive, but after a couple of courses, there was a steady flow. It was very user friendly. I actually really enjoyed it and expanded my knowledge more than I expected. It was informative, challenging, but most of all convenient- with work, family, and other outside commitments- IT WAS GREAT...this course was on my schedule and I really appreciated that factor. Thank you for my making my hectic life a little easier.

-- T. Blanchfieldchang

This was a convenient way for a busy person to take the course. I was able to concentrate and focus on the subject matter.

-- S. Machado

Digital Learning has made it so easy and comfortable for me to learn. The fact that I was at my own home and comfort zone. As a slow leaner the instructor gave great examples, simple and repeating examples made it even more easier to understand questions. I love the whole idea of learning at home. Learning at my own pace is the best. The instructor alone was very precise and thorough about each and every chapter. He made it very clear and learnable for us to make sure we know how to solve every problem. I love it and I would definitely refer friends that are interested in taking this class. Overall, the experience and the learning materials I receive from the learning center has made it really easy for me to learn. Thank You and Thank You again.
Much thanks's.

-- F. ESAU

The course has exceeded my expectations. It was a very clear, easy to use and great presentation. Thanks.

-- S. Filippone

I like the use of online course work. I hope this is the trend. I feel that I got more out this online class than a classroom. Very well done and concise.


-- D Lambertson

In terms of work and personal schedules, this course enabled me to fulfil the requirements. I have recommended this program to my colleagues.

-- G. Kilpinen

I really enjoyed the online experience. This is the first time I have done any kind of learning on line. I love the fact that I can go back to all the tests to redo, and can stop and make notes as needed. The instructor was excellent. He really made me feel like I was actually in the classroom. After reading the chapters and then doing the online chapters his explanations were clear and made everthing easy to understand.

-- L. Camacho

Easy to use again! I am surprised the "live class" people are still in business. This is a very convenient way to take classes. I hope you will incorporate more classes in the future. I personally like to take as many classes as possible and not just the mandatory classes.

-- J. Rabi

Excellent Course-great customer service!

-- J. Frazier

Good stuff, thanks.

-- T. Marshman

I live on Molokai and this course was perfect for me to use to take by brokers course. I would recommend it to everyone I know

-- D. Harris

learn a lot

-- N. DeJesus

Overall very satisfied with the course. It did take me SEVERAL!! times longer than the 60 hours of online with the reading material. But I feel I am ready for the state exam without a doubt!

-- S. Ayers

Keep up the good work and the quality of your courses. I really enjoyed the experience.
Dennis Lau

-- D. Lau

Great course. Thanks.

-- S. Church

lecture is very clear.

-- R. Fernandez

I loved the audio. I learn better when I listen to someone as opposed to reading.

-- E. Halfinger

The convenience of on line training is perfectly geared for Realtors.

-- R. Ogawa

Excellent course.

-- S. Nakasone

great course, very well organized and challenging

-- j. gallegos

Every time I call the office, the receptionist or whoever answers the phone is very well informed and always friendly.

-- J. Asuncion

Overall, I learned much more doing the online course than when I took the Salesperson course in class 4 years ago. Having the freedom to spend more time in areas I understood the least before moving on was great.

-- B. Staples

I enjoyed the course and learned much about real estate transactions

-- V. Potter

When I had questions about the course set-up, I was ALWAYS able to get help and questions answered by the computer guy. Awesome.

-- S. Nakasone

Thank you. Erica helped tremendousley...she was friendly and very professioanl

-- F. Critelli

Glad I found this site - I am going to pass this on to my partner.

-- V. Daubenspeck

Appreciate the help of the staff and the instructor.

-- K. Watson

DLC online course is very informative. It focuses on providing information for all students to be updated with new laws and information.

-- T. Abubo

thank you very much dower school of real estate windward [Digital Learning Centers];you have prepared me well for a career in real estate, which is my dream you helped make possible; i can answer a thousand questions on real estate thanks to you;thank you kaihow for all your help!you're quite excellent!

-- d. dunn

Thank you!

-- B. Watanabe


-- J. Mendelsohn

Overall, the course was good!

-- M. Broder

Thank you for following up with my questions and following through for your final exam.

-- K. Mednick

Good course.

-- D. Moore

This online course saves time (no travel to training venue) and expense (at $4.50/gal I don't drive more than I need to).

-- J. Sick

It is very convinient.
This save us like busy, no time man.
Thank you so much.

-- T. Kono

Very good job! Thanks,

-- R. F. Harris

Very professional - Thank you!!

-- J. Frazier

overall subjects were covered very well

-- G. Deardorff

Thanks for keeping the course intersting.

-- D. Silverman

looking forward to the next course

-- E. Dias

excellent presentation

-- W. Hee

It was easy to follow your online courses. Thank you

-- S. Harris

...overall, I learned a lot and I feel very confident going into the state exam.
Thanks for such a complete course!

-- N. Overton

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed doing this on my time. The outline for the course was easy to follow and very informative.

-- R. Hodges

another great job!

-- R. Harris

Really liked this class. Very informative and easy to follow. More of a refresher but good content.

-- C. Choy


-- F. Paine

good course and easy to take, It took less time to go thru the entire course than if I were going to read the text materials by myself, thank you.

-- C. DeSellem

This was the best Fair Housing course I have taken to date. Great stories and experiences!! I still feel a little in wonder as to why I chose Real Estate as a profession, but that is a good thing. That tells me the course was good and effective in reminding me of the many many reasons to be careful (full of care), diligent and professional. Now once again, I am ready to get out there and do/say the right thing(s). So long as your School is in business, I will remain a repeat customer for all my future educational needs and wants. Thanks again for providing such informative courses.


-- B. Bowman

Excellent course..........Thanks

-- J. Mann

Nice work !!

-- S. Church

Great course, especially the update on the ag issue in Kunia.

-- M. Chan

great online course, easy to use and not expensive !

-- A. Kirchner

Love it!

-- B. Kenrich

I will recommend this course to others at work.

-- T. Carodine

excellent lecture and material

-- s. sung

I am glad I took the course.. it has greatly increased my knowledge about 514B.

-- R. Kriekenbeek



Good material

-- T. Fitzpatrick

Excellent presentation.

-- F. Paine

I will always take these classes.

-- S. Nakasone

Having an on line course available to me was very helpful and very much appreciated. The site generally worked well and was flexible.

-- D. Hill

The audio is a hugh help.

-- E. Halfinger

The course explain everything and gave, great example.

-- S. Harris

Without this education option it would have been extremely inconvienent to achieve the education requirement for a Brokers License.

-- M. King

Thank you for putting together a concise course.

-- J. Martin

great course, convenient

-- G. Harbottle

easy to use and informative

-- D. Bevilacqua

thank you

-- j. kendrick

Great course at a great price. Not to mention I can do it on my time.

-- C. Choy

Thanks for the large print! :)

-- T. Cortez

Plese continue to offer online courses with affordable prices. Thank you!

-- J. Uno

great info in an easy manner...

-- J. Adams

I have already recommended your course. Thank you!

-- C. Pluta

Fantanstic course

-- F. Paine

Great job - I'll let you know when I pass the exam! Thanks & Aloha

-- B. Myers

Because of the content this coarse was abit harder to finish in one sitting. However the way the material was presented made it easier to sit through it. Overall a great experience as this is my first time taking classes online.

-- C. Choy

I will take other classes through your company.

-- L. Weatherholt

Great way to complete the class.

-- D. Ioh

very informative and well presented

-- S. Worner

Great course, easy to follow. Very helpful for those with less time and who need flexibility.

-- K. Kovelan

I would highly recommend David Catanzaro's course to other Realtors looking to get their Broker's license
Thanks for all your help David!!!

-- J. McGowan

Great Course, Easy to use and nagivate. I will take more courses for sure.

-- E. Mehmen

It was easy to hear. The vocal was very clear and easy to understand. The pace was good.

-- L. Brice

I enjoyed taking this course at my own time and own pace

-- S. Kagimoto

Only thank you for the priceless knowledge I have learned from you!

-- A. Yeager

Excellent Course

-- F. Paine

Courses such as these make it much easier to complete the requirements.

-- E. Kawata

I appreciated the flexiblity taking classes online due to my schedule!

-- A. Sena

Great and convenient. Thank you for the course.

-- B. Brice

Overall, I was very pleased with the online class.

-- K. Fisher

Once again, awesome course!

-- S. Nakasone

Good job. Stuff I can use right away.

-- D. Moore

Good course!

-- M. Broder

Great course

-- S. Church

I really like the program and have shared t with my office mates

-- B. Kenrich

Already referred one person to the site.


-- D. Hashimoto

Excellent presentation David - I learned a lot.

-- F. Paine

Thanks for making the font size large enough to comfortably read without having to use reading glasses while sitting in front of the monitor.

-- L. Schmidt

I have found that this online course was very informational and not at all what I thought it would be. It was great to work at my own place, especially with my work schedule and taking care of my family. I have enjoyed this course very much and I have learned a whole lot more than what I first started with. Thank you for helping me broaden my mind.

-- C. Castro

It was great

-- D. Moore

Great on line course very easy to use.

-- L. Heaviside

The on-line course was a lot more challenging than I had expected. I like the order in which the materials were presented. Very fluid....Thanks for all of your efforts in providing us as students a great opportunity

-- S. Reed

Good presentation.

Helpful and clear.

-- L. Wilkinson

Taking the salesperson course on line is definitely enriching and satisfying since you (the user and the student) controls everything.

-- B. Schmidt

Thank you for providing this

-- J. Adams Pitcher


-- E. Dyer

very well organized presentation and informative as well

-- S. Worner

good course

-- T. Fitzpatrick

Thank you!

-- C. Hotta

thank you for making it easy to understand by your association to common practice.

-- P. Deery

...it was a breeze to complete the course, the web site worked perfectly. It was a very educational course too!

-- J. Rabi

Good course. Thourough and repeditiveness was helpful

-- C. Young

Great course and no driving!

-- L. Heaviside

Very convenient!

-- R. Rapoza

loved it

-- r. elgram

thank you for creating an affordable product that suits it's purpose

-- t. wadkins

I did enjoy this course and learned a lot. I will tell others about this online course.

-- D. Niide

I really found taking this course online simple but straight
to the point. The quiz at the beginning really made me think
about the subject more. This was my first time and I will do it again with this company.

Thank You,

-- S. Harris

I am glad that I used Digital Learning Centers. For the convenience primarily of doing it when I can do it.

-- D. Hashimoto

I learned a lot.

-- D. Ioh

great course! I'm a total believer that online learning is better than a class room setting. I learned way more than in class.

-- A. Kaneda

Dave made this very easy to comprehend. Thank you!

-- T. Lau

outstanding presentation, look forward to taking more classes from your company, thank you

-- G. Deardorff

I liked the repetition of the material from different approaches--that helps the information to stick.
An overall well-done presentation and I believe I learned more than from some of the "live" classes I attended plus this was way much more efficient in terms of time and energy. Thank you very much!

-- L. Tilton

Very informative and clear.

-- T. Lau

Thank you for the opportunity.

-- A. Jones

I learned a lot today re: new laws on condos.

-- N. DeJesus

Loved the Audio

-- E. Halfinger

Audio was a big plus.

-- E. Halfinger

it was verygood material to understand and I enjoyed the course

-- s. sung

I enjoyed the class a lot. The contact person at Dower Realty [Dower Realty Windward -- Digital Learning Centers] was helpful. The ability to take an online course was helpful because it saved me a lot of money (lower tuition, no gas spent on travelling).

-- R. Tolentino

Thanks again.

-- L. Bates

Thanks for another great course. Outstanding job!!

-- B. Bowman

Loved the audio

-- E. Halfinger

I will probably have to review the class again, and am happy I will have access to the class....The 1031 Class has so much information, and it's quite technical with a lot of rules and stipulations. So, going back to the class will be important for me.

-- M Long

Not bad - easy to complete - straight forward - definitely better than sitting in a class!

-- M. Broder

I found the online class so easy to learn from and follow. It was such experience. I found the tone of voice of the narrator pleasant, yet firm enough to keep my attention and it was important that the intonation changed, and tone raised and fell.

-- M. Long

Author David Catanzaro did a great job of writing the course. Narrator Peter Cross has an easy to listen to voice with excellent intonations.
It was my first on line real estate course. I learned a lot and enjoyed it. I definitely will take other courses from DLC.

-- S. Gerschefski

Very straight forward presentation. Easy to understand.

-- G. Kilpinen

Thank you!!


Well done; clear explanations.

-- C. Graham

Great Course. I will recommend it to other people.

-- M. Acain

I think this is a great option, and happy for the online format.

-- V. Jacob

Great start.

I will work through the others soon.

-- S. Church